Christian Education Curriculum at Home and School

A Christian education curriculum is often used by privately-owned Christian schools or Christian home-schooling programs. Some parents might be interested (and apprehensive at the same time) as to what a Christian curriculum might look like. We took a good look and we’re here to give you our critical analysis of what constitutes primary Christian education in the United States, today.

Schooling at home

Some parents opt to home-school their children for a year or more, depending on the need for close monitoring or because of certain changes, like moving from one town to another, etc. A basic home Christian school curriculum has 6 core subject areas, which run parallel to what is being taught at both public and private primary schools. You have mathematics, an English core subject, social studies, grammar and syntax lessons and literature. Literature can be taught on its own or may be integrated with techniques from creative writing (prose writing, the personal essay, poetry, etc.).

Apart from these core areas that would give the child the basic skills, emphasis would also be given in character building and the use of the Bible in instruction. In many cases, the Bible is used directly only from grade 1 to grade 4. After this initial period, the Bible-reading would have fulfilled its basic purpose of instructing the child of the basics of Christian faith and would now be ready to widen their intellectual horizons.

 Christian schools

Christian education can also be accomplished in the classroom setting. The approach would be different since there would be an instructor available to guide the children during their studies. Sunday schooling is also a popular alternative to enrolling your child directly in a school that makes use of a Christian emphasis on the whole curriculum. What exactly is taught during Sunday schooling?

To make things a bit easier, most curriculum planners make use of stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament to stress points and to encourage the Christian way of life to students. For example, stories like David and Goliath, the life story of Ruth, and the wise king Solomon, are all instrumental in illustrating a particular way of thinking and a particular way of life to the children.

After going through the stories and discussing them one by one, basic situations in life are used as examples to stress that the lessons learned from the Holy Bible can be used directly in a Christian education curriculum . Building a Christian character and developing the right type of humility can definitely be useful for students later in life.