Counseling and Placement for New Graduates

The corporate world today is agog with news that recruitment sentiment has started improving slowly and is at its peak now. All corporates are on a hiring spree including those companies which employ technical personnel. In fact there is a plethora of offers for new recruits today. So much so that they are confused as to what to do about the plenty of offers available. Not many graduates are able to take the right step in their career thus mucking up their careers in the bargain. Yours truly was one such graduate, in the year 1996, when he passed out of an engineering institute of repute. At such times, they should have someone to turn to for guidance and job assistance and counseling.

Here is where the various corporates come into the picture. They can tie up with universities or colleges and conduct placement interviews for new graduates. Some can even conduct seminars on the lines of those conducted at MMRDA grounds. These can be on a chargeable basis to the corporates with the college getting the revenue therefrom. Thus the colleges will be able to utilize their auditoriums for revenue generation. This will not make them think twice to provide the best facility to their students in terms of auditoriums and laboratories. When yours truly was graduating from a reputed college, then he found that his college was lacking in many of the basic infrastructural facilities that a technical college should possess. This acted as a deterrent in him gaining practical knowledge about the subject which he was studying.